It started with my old friend Thomas Delcloy, gifted CG artist working with "Illumiation Mc Guff". 13 years ago, we started to spend almost every weekend drawing together, developing a concept about the future of video game and internet.



Inspired by our addiction to southpark & simpsons, I wrote a script for 20 minutes episode using some of our characters, and called it simply "3.0". I started to storyboard it, did some CG test. Unfortunately this ambitious project was too big for our small team to be build fast enough. I developed scripts and boards for the 3 first episodes, but needed to wait for a real trustable structure, big enough to build it properly.



After many years of incubation, I'm targeting something short & efficient as soon as my other projects are on. I really want to give it a chance and share the universe of this 12 years old creation... So please be quiet, it's still sleeping :)


If you are interested  to help & want to know more: